Well, another spectacular Olympics event has come to an end.

I’ve enjoyed every moment of following more sports I never thought I’d watch in my lifetime. Snowboarding never appealed to me before but, after seeing us get our first medal on snow in jumping over stuff on a snowboard, I was hooked. Same with figure skating and the Dutch dominance in the speed skating. They’ve never appealed to me before now, simply because I can’t actually skate to save my life, but even I enjoyed watching people dancing with spins and doing laps on a massive ice rink, though you have to feel for Team GB’s Elise Christie, who got disqualified in ALL her events.

Poor lass.

We did, however, come away with one of our best-ever haul of medals. Apart from the aforementioned bronze medal, which we won in the freestyle snowboarding, we also won two in the curling (our women took bronze and our men took silver) and a gold medal in the skeleton, just like we did four years ago in Vancouver though, to be fair, we are used to sliding down hills on tea trays (or bin bags) over here when it snows!

My personal favourite athlete, however, has to be Japanese ski-jumper Noriaki Kasai who, at the grand old age of 43, was one of the oldest athletes to win a medal in Sochi. He was also happy about it as well. No offence to my usual favourites, of course.

What’s not to like?

In other sports news, the Euro 2016 draw took place this morning, and I have to say it’s not going to be easy for my boys in green. We’ve got Germany, Scotland, Poland, Georgia and UEFA newbies Gibraltar in our group, so it’s going to be a toughie. As for poor little Malta, they have the likes of Azerbaijan and Italy in their group, so it’s even tougher for them. Malta’s only Winter Olympic athlete didn’t finish last in the alpine skiing slaloms, either, so she’ll have been happy with that.

And that’s about it. The closing ceremony takes place tonight, after which the Olympics will officially come to a close. Next time we’ll see Sochi’s Olympic Park will be in this season’s Formula 1, in the inaugural Russian Grand Prix, followed by the World Cup in 2018, which is scheduled to take place in Russia, so it’s not the end of seeing the spectacular arenas just yet. At least we know that Russia have football stadiums that are actually finished, unlike the majority of the ones in Brazil. Some of those are still unfinished for this year’s World Cup event.

Oh, by the way, my next post will probably be a Top 5 pet peeves in sport, as inspired by the Winter Olympics. I’ve done ‘pet peeves’ posts before now, as well as sports ones, but not the two of them together, so watch this space…


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