I must be mental!


So, for the third (yes, really) year in a row, I’m all signed up for Race For Life. It’ll also be my second in Leeds and THAT hill from last year.

I really MUST be mad!

In all seriousness yes, it’s a way of getting fit and losing weight, which I’m in the process of at the moment (on a strict diet and exercise regime), but it’s also a good way of raising money for charity. I’m doing it this year for a friend I met in Malta who sadly passed away last year and you can find my JustGiving page in the left sidebar if you want to sponsor me. And please do. It’ll be nice getting more donations this year.

PS: I know there hasn’t been much editing done at the donations page as yet. I’ve managed to get a photo of Barry (the guy I’m doing it for) up but I’m having trouble editing WHY I’m doing it at the moment. Fear not, people, I WILL get there. I’m not going to let the bugger beat me!

PPS: I’m STILL not going to runΒ up that killer hill. Sod that!


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