Party like it’s 1999.


“Marching on together, we’re gonna see you win, we are so proud, we shout it out loud, we love you Leeds, Leeds, Leeds!”Β – the official chant of Leeds Rhinos/United/Carnegie (delete as appropriate).

As you can probably guess with the title of this post (and the song actually played yesterday), the mighty Leeds Rhinos broke their Wembley jinx and actually WON the Challenge Cup final for the first time since 1999.

Not bad for my first EVER Wembley experience!

All the photos from a truly fabulous weekend are up at my Facebook, whilst others are up at my Instagram account. I’ll probably upload some of them to Flickr as well so keep an eye out.

I’ll also be going to the homecoming at Headingley Carnegie Stadium tomorrow to welcome the boys and the trophy home from Wembley, after which I’ll also upload photos, so watch this space.

Right now, I’m off to watch the highlights of today’s Belgian Grand Prix, plus yesterday’s Tumble and Doctor Who, so I’ll blog again when I can. Apologies for leaving it so long to post anything, I just couldn’t think of anything to blog and I was neglecting this place somewhat.



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