Top 5: Work Irks.


For those that aren’t already aware (i.e. those reading this who aren’t on my Twitter/Facebook/whatever), I now have a temporary job working for at least two days a week in a new charity shop in Leeds City Centre (though I’m working today too). I love it but there are some things that, having worked in retail before, generally grind my gears about it. And I’m about to vent my anger about them in this post.


(Or, if you work in retail, maybe not.)

001: Mess.
The bane of EVERY retail worker’s life. Surely it’s not that hard to put hangers back on the way you found them, put clothes back in size/colour order, fold things up rather than chucking them all over the floor/shelf (Primark shoppers are buggers for that) or leave the fitting rooms in a clean manner? I’ve only been working in aforementioned new charity shop for three weeks but I’ve already lost count of the amount of clothes I’ve picked up off the floor after customers have left them all over the place or had to hang the hangers the right way round. I haven’t had the pleasure/misery (delete as appropriate) of cleaning up the fitting rooms after customers yet, as they’ve put the clothes back themselves, but I have had to put clothes back on hangers that they’ve left all over the till counter. Please don’t do that. I have customers to serve and they’ve been left waiting for five minutes or more because of it. Have the courtesy of doing it yourself and putting things back in the right place. Thank you.

002: “Do you work here?”
I haven’t had people asking me that daft question in my new work yet, purely on the basis that I’m wearing a lanyard with my badge and locker key on it (with added little mascots), but I have had it in other places of work before now. No, I’m wearing this badge with my name on it for fun. I’m not required to wear a uniform, as I’m in a charity shop, but I am required to wear the badge if I want to. Which I do. At least take the time to look around and notice these things. You’re talking to a person. Please acknowledge them. Same with other stupid questions. Yes, you can use the fitting room (it’s what it’s there, for), no, this isn’t Lipsy (though it used to be – see photo above) and, yes, you can pay by card. Well, when the till’s working properly…

003: Machinery not working properly.
Not so much the customer this time, more like things I use at work. Examples: the other day, the whole till system totally crashed whilst I was in the middle of serving a customer (ARGH!) leaving me to apologise profusely to the other three customers who’d been waiting patiently in the queue and, a couple of weeks ago, the steamer decided to take what seemed like forever to heat up, only for it to spit water all over the place after I’d accidentally overfilled it due to thinking it was empty (DOUBLE ARGH!). To quote Mario Balotelli, why is it always me?

004: Rubbish music stuck on an endless loop.
When I first started in my new job, we had an Atomic Kitten CD that some kind soul donated stuck on a never-ending repeat, then my manager brought in an old iPod because it was annoying him and the other workers. And, frankly, I don’t blame him. I’d rather listen to whatever’s on his iPod all day (including George Michael, even though I’m not overly keen on him) than Atomic Kitten. I don’t mind those three cool cats, but there IS a limit.

005: Rudeness.
I haven’t had this either yet in my new job but I have had it in others. And not just from customers, either. I was once working in a charity shop as a placement from the job centre but there was one girl who obviously didn’t like me very much who got the wrong end of the stick when I was quoting something from the newspaper. She put two and two together, made five, and went crying to the manager saying that I’d upset her. I was told to leave that afternoon. I’d done nothing wrong. As for customers, I won’t serve you if you’re still gas-bagging on the phone telling your Auntie Pat that you have something wrong with you, nor will I serve you if you’re arguing the toss with other members of staff or someone else. It’s common courtesy to get off the phone or stop whatever it was you were doing BEFORE you start interacting with the cashier/other staff. Please use it. Thanks in advance.

BONUS 006: Black Friday.
Which idiot decided it was a good idea to bring chaotic shopping scenes on one Friday in November over here? It’s fucking AMERICAN, you buffoons! I don’t wish to be trampled all over by idiotic shoppers looking for a bargain at 5am (who even starts queuing to do their shopping at that time on a morning? Are they all flipping mental?) in the morning. Thankfully, as I work in a charity shop I only do afternoons for the time being and we don’t usually feel the brunt of all the carnage, but I feel sorry for the poor buggers who do work mornings on this day. Just leave American traditions with the Yanks and let’s not fight for tellies/clothes/anything else at stupid o’clock on a morning. Thank you.


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