Top 5: Songs from Eurovision 2015.

georgecrossAs I’m sitting here bored in a room from my old course that finished last week waiting for them to sort my certificate out (they’d put ‘Bradley’ instead of ‘Brady’. Honestly, just how hard is it to spell my surname?! It’s five letters long. FIVE.), I thought I’d post another update here at my good ol’ blog. And, as it’s Eurovision week next week, here’s a list of my five favourite songs from this year’s contest – again, in no particular order.

I’ve already seen some of the 30-second clips of the rehearsals and I’m judging my views on both those and every single one  of the studio versions of the songs. Oh, and it would still probably be a good idea to avoid my blog if you’re not a fan of Eurovision. Normal service will resume in a couple of weeks.


001. María Ólafsdóttir – Unbroken (Iceland): Normal service has resumed for the Icelandics at last. I’m used to them sending lovely songs and I still have no idea what the Teletubbies on heat was all about. PS: If anyone’s lost a loo roll holder, you should probably have a word with this young lady. I think she’s stolen it for her act. Still, nice song…

002. Anti Social Media – The Way You Are (Denmark): I’m a life-long fan of McFly. I also like Denmark’s own A Friend In London (or, rather, I did until they went their seperate ways). I also like retro-sounding songs. This song has a 60’s vibe to it, which I love, and that’s good enough for me.

003. Måns Zelmerlöw – Heroes (Sweden): One of the favourites to win is this toe-tapping little ditty from the Swedes, which also happens to be my favourite song from the Nordic nations this year. Unfortunately for them, due to a plagiarism claim from an artist, the cute little dwarf-type thing seems to have eaten a few pies since Melodifestivalen and have beefed up a bit for the Eurovision stage. He’s also ditched the brolly and, instead, has a balloon. I’ve already whacked this song onto the good ol’ MP3 player and will also add it to my exercise playlist once Eurovision is over.

004. Guy Sebastian – Tonight Again (Australia): Yes, folks, you did read that correctly. Malaysia are also sort-of represented by this guy, a Malaysian-born singer who grew up in the merry old land of Oz, and the song isn’t too bad either. Cheekily, the Aussies get to vote in all three shows (both semis and the final) as a ‘treat’ for being let into this year’s contest. I still can’t see us hosting it next year if they do win though…

005. Amber – Warrior 1.0 (Malta): Malta, once again, have the accolade of having my favourite song from Eurovision for the second year running. Amber wowwed me with her first rehearsal the other day and, in her words, this warrior is going to slay! Nina and her Georgian warrior can do one. That is all.

BONUS 006. Electro Velvet – Still In Love With You (United Kingdom): I’ve added our song as a bonus here because, whilst I can’t vote for my own country, I do still quite like it. Again, it has a retro vibe, which I love, and I’m hoping to see us back on the left-hand side of the scoreboard again. I won’t hold my breath, though.

And that’s they wrap! Who’ll win overall and take the Eurovision crown from current queen Conchita? We’ll find out on May 23rd!


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