I Love / I Hate

This is to help you get a better idea of me as a person, that’s all. It’s nothing personal.

Things I love:

* Music, obviously. I enjoy a wide range of various music genres but currently rock and classical as my favourites. I also have an obsession with Scandinavian music and cheesy music from the 80’s and 90’s for some weird reason. Check out my Last.fm (link in the sidebar) and feel free to laugh at my taste in music.

* Leeds Rhinos. Yes, I am an avid rugby league fan, and enjoy cheering my beloved Leeds Rhinos on every other week down at Headingley Carnegie Stadium when I can, whatever the weather, and whoever we’re playing. I used to be a season ticket holder too but couldn’t afford to renew it. I enjoyed the World Cup as well. Just a shame Australia won it.

* Football. I support Bolton Wanderers, but name the green and white half of Glasgow as a second team, and I couldn’t give a toss whether you love them or hate them. If I could afford to commute to the other side of the Pennines every other week, I would, but it’s a bit difficult when I’m from Leeds and am a bit cash-strapped. I can’t compete with commuting anyway, especially when trains and buses have a habit of running late round my way. That, and it’s just too damn expensive to get trains at the moment. (I blame the Government.)

* Cricket. I love a bit of cricket from time to time and enjoy watching the Aussies getting tonked. I’m a bit gutted that they’ve since won back that little urn though. We’ll get them back one day.

* Formula 1. I also love a bit of Formula 1 and enjoy watching Fernando Alonso, Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton screw it up. I also have a bit of a soft spot for Felipe Massa after his accident a few years ago but my favourite drivers are Jenson Button and Kimi Räikkönen. Oh, and new boy Kevin Magnussen. He came third in his first race don’t you know?

* Winter sports. Who says people with silly names (I’m looking at you, Andreas Wank) chucking themselves off big hills and shooting at targets whilst wearing the most garishly-coloured suits known to man (I’m looking at you, Czech Republic and Slovakia) aren’t entertaining?

* The Eurovision Song Contest. It’s cheesy as hell and I’ve blogged about it for the last couple of years, giving my reviews on the songs and artists. Some of them are usually crap (I’m looking at you, Jedward) but I watch it every year, national finals included, in the hope that, one day, miracles will happen and we’ll actually win the bloody thing!

* Hammond, my MP3 player (don’t ask). He’s so useful for drowning out the tinny R&B rubbish that comes from some random scally’s mobile phone whilst on buses and trains.

* My Galaxy tablet. I have a Kindle app on there, which I use for reading, plus a few games, and I love it. I even have Instagram on it too.

* Meeting celebrities. It’s something I’ve done since around August 2003 and I don’t intend on giving it up any time soon.

* Photography. I’d be lost without my camera and spare batteries for the damn thing. I love taking photos of anything and everything. See my Flickr and Instagram. If you want to follow me on either of them, or any other social networks I’m on, the links are in the sidebar under the photo of me.

* Russell Howard. Enough said.

* Going to gigs/concerts. Whether it’s a music gig or some random comedian doing a stand-up stint at The Grand or City Varieties, or even the First Direct Arena, you can guarantee I’ll be there if I can afford it.

Things I hate:

* Buses. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been waiting for ages before three of the damn things turn up at once. It also adds insult to injury when some little scally gets their phone out and starts playing the latest ‘chipmunk-style’ tune off it rather loudly so the whole damn bus hears it. Not good.

* Public transport in general.

* Justin Bieber/Jedward/Cher Lloyd (delete as appropriate). I’d put One Direction here as well, particularly their annoying fans, but I do like a couple of their songs so they’re forgiven. Just.

* Manchester United FC and Chelsea FC. Enough said.

* Joel Monaghan, the dog-bothering Warrington Wolves player. That’s irony in itself.

* Pink sports kits. Especially BRIGHT pink. I don’t mind pink as a colour but it just doesn’t look right on sports teams (and referees, in the case of this season’s Super League). Everton had a bright pink away kit the other season, as did Danish team FC Copenhagen, and even the mighty Leeds Rhinos have had one (with navy blue) for the last couple of seasons. We’ve got one this season as well. I just hate them and think they should be shot on sight.

* Tabloid newspapers. Again, enough said.

* Chavs/scallies/neds/annoying little bastards (whatever you call them). What’s the point of them, really? I wish they’d all find a nice, big island in the middle of a desert and sod off there because they are so damn arrogant and their music is annoying!

* The general British weather, especially when we have rain in the summer instead of sun. Let’s be honest, it’s not exactly Benidorm, is it?


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