The Girl


Hello everyone. This is where you can read some facts about me, the girl behind this wonderfully-cool blog.

My name is Lesley, I’m 30 years old (sob!), I’m a born and bred Yorkshire lass (I’m from Leeds), I’m a complete and utter barmpot, I have Scottish and Irish heritage and I once broke my elbow after foolishly trying to do the high jump on wet grass whilst practicing for my school’s sports day. It’s still a bit squiffy to this day. Not cool.

As you can see to your left, I support the Republic of Ireland’s national football team. No, really. I’ve technically always supported them as a second team, since I’m part Irish, but they’re more my favourite international team now. I still support England occasionally but I only really support them in the rugby now.

(Well, except when they play the Republic of Ireland, of course. I’m strictly neutral then.)

PS: Thierry Henry is STILL a cheeky little cheat.

Here are some more random facts about me that you may (or may not) like to know:

goldstar I’m an avid supporter of the mighty Leeds Rhinos RLFC. I’ve missed not being able to go to Headingley Carnegie Stadium to see them in action (due to being cash-strapped I couldn’t renew my season ticket a few years ago) and the thought of spending Friday nights doing anything other than shouting at Zak Hardaker for screwing it all up on a regular basis (both on and off the field) and going home on a bus full of drunk and rowdy Leeds Rhinos supporters after the match actually makes me a little bit sad. I still go when I can, though.
goldstar I also name Wigan Warriors as a favourite Super League team, so if my Rhinos lads don’t make it to a major final and they do, or if they’re on telly and the Rhinos aren’t, I’ll support them instead. When the Warriors and the Rhinos face each other, then I support the Rhinos, as they’re my main team. My lower league team are Keighley Cougars and have been since I was about twelve when I was taken to see them as a treat for being brave over the aforementioned elbow break.
goldstar I’m scared of spiders and heights. Oh, and Cybermen. I used to be absolutely terrified of the Toshiba robots when I was little and, because the Cybermen from Doctor Who look a little bit like them, they scare the living daylights out of me. Weirdly, I don’t mind the Daleks.
goldstar I have a habit of changing peoples’ names, particularly those in winter sports, who have long surnames that I can’t pronounce or I just want to make them a bit more memorable if I can’t remember their names. For example, Austrian ski-jumper Gregor Schlierenzauer becomes ‘Schlieri’ (the commentators call him that anyway), Czech ski-jumper Jan Matura is either ‘mature’ or ‘Midge Ure’, Swiss cross-country skier Dario Cologna becomes ‘Covonia’, Russian biathlete Evgeny Garanichev turns into ‘granny chef’ and my favourite ski-jumping Pole, Kamil Stoch, is known as ‘camel toe’. Oh, and I call Norwegian ski-jumper Tom Hilde ‘Ogden’ or ‘Muriel’.

(I’ll leave you to work that last one out.)

I currently work for two days a week in a local charity shop as a volunteer, which I love, and aside from that and the rest of the job-hunting stuff, of which I currently partake, I have a keen interest in the world of music and like a wide range of different music genres, ranging from classical to rock, to pop and country, and even the odd bit of R&B… if it isn’t totally rubbish, I’ll probably listen to it.

I also love a wide range of sports, especially football and rugby league, and support Bolton Wanderers FC, Celtic FC and, as I explained in detail before, the mighty Leeds Rhinos. I also love a bit of cricket, Formula 1 and winter sports, particularly ski-jumping, cross-country skiing and biathlon. I don’t mind tennis and rugby union or the occasional bit of golf (which I got into not so long ago whilst watching Rory McIlroy win The Open), but just don’t give me any of that snooker, darts or horse racing rubbish, and don’t give me any of those American-style sports either, as they bore me to sleep.

Anyway, now you know the basics. In the meantime, if you’d like to get in touch with me, you can find me at the links in the sidebar because, let’s face it, blogging can get boring from time to time. You can also leave me comments on here, should you wish to get in touch and I’ll probably get back to you at some point because I’m nice like that.

Oh, and in case you were wondering what ‘susstudio’ means, it’s a take on the Phil Collins song Sussudio and, as it’s one of my favourite songs, I thought I’d name my blog and other sites after it. I thought it would also be funny to add a ‘T’ into the title, just because I can. So now you know.



2 responses to “The Girl

  1. I’m an avid liverpool supporter from nepal, incase you don’t know where that is its a small landlocked country sandwitched in between india and tibet….I’m following you on twitter and i really love ur tweets on football.

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